Our Goals

Our Goals


To impart integral education with special emphasis on moral and spiritual values and character building rooted in Indian culture.

To ensure all-round development of integrated personality under guidance of highly dedicated and competent teachers.

To provide training in self governance.

To promote the creative potential of children through art, dance music and other forms of performing arts.

To foster discipline and fraternity with special emphasis on national integration and foster international understanding and brotherhood.

To improve self-confidence and creativity.

To develop integrity and dedication to the service of making.

To give special emphasis on long age and mathematics to ensure that the children are read, to compete in a global environment.

To enable students to compete in National and International examination.

Unique Learning Environment!

Our curriculum in Pre-Primary and Primary classes is based on MI (Multisensory Instruction) methodology leading to enhance understanding of the students and

enabling them to apply their knowledge in different challenging situations in school life and beyond.

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